A Raw Food Menu Often Brings Healing

Can a diet that is based on a raw food menu actually reverse disease? The premise behind eating a diet that consists of mostly raw vegetables and fruits is fairly simple. Consuming the right kinds of foods — and shunning the wrong ones — can pave the way to health and possibly even help the body heal itself from chronic, severe or debilitating diseases.

Holding to this notion doesn’t mean food itself brings direct healing. It means the right foods offer your body the materials it needs for incredible self-healing properties to function at peak performance.

Many people would probably say this idea, in and of itself, sounds reasonable to some extent. But most people have no idea how powerful this concept actually is. Nor do most individuals know the full extent to which thousands of people have applied it to find relief from pain, suffering, debilitating conditions and even escape the clutches of physical death itself.

Living foods enable your body’s God-given immune system to function at an incredibly high level. They also provide the building blocks required for healthy new cells to replace diseased or dying ones in the body’s constant cell-regeneration process.

Nutritional cure or healing isn’t direct — it’s indirect. Food isn’t medicine per se. But it may be better than conventional medicine at certain times.

While the exact proportions of how these foods are consumed may be a little different among those who’ve experienced dramatic health recovery, the general rule is that the more food consumed in raw form the better. Foods taken ripe from the garden always offer higher nutritional content than processed foods. And raw foods that were grown organically are best. top resturants in lagos

If you’re open to this idea then it’s not hard to understand why many raw-foodists have experienced miraculous healing in their bodies simply by changing their diet. It also becomes easy to understand why many people in the “whole foods” and “macrobiotic” food communities have experienced similar health results.

The biggest key to approaching diet as a vehicle for health seems to be the avoidance of animal-based products in favor of plant-based food products. When plant-based foods are consumed in a state that is as unprocessed, or “natural” as possible, then incredible things can happen if either a sick person is trying to get well or a healthy person is trying to enjoy optimal health.

This is often the case even when an individual doesn’t embrace 100% veganism. Many practitioners of a macrobiotic diet approach, for example, consume very few animal-based products in favor of mostly whole foods and high quantities of a raw vegetables and fruits. That is often enough to enable recovery from serious illness.

The point here is that there are common “raw food factors” associated with diet and healing. They reflect what I currently think is the “best” nutritional approach to health and wellness. This understanding of things is also based upon sound research by many leaders in the field of science and medicine.


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