Back Ordering Domains

As you probably know domain names are generally sold on a first come, first served basis. That is to say that the first person to think of registering a previously unregistered domain name, can register it and get that name for their own use. You probably also know that in order to maintain ownership of a domain name, renewal fees must be regularly paid to a domain register. However, you may not have previously considered what happens in the event that a domain owner fails to pay their annual domain renewal fees.

There are a number of reasons why  a domain owner may not pay their renewal fees – they may have simply forgot (although most domain registrars do their best to remind owners to renew), an individual domain owner may have died, a business owning a domain may have gone bankrupt, or it may simply be that the domain owner no longer has any need or interest in continuing to own the particular domain. In any cases, whatever the reason, the domain name goes through a multi-step process (initially the original owner can reclaim their domain) before becoming available again for anybody to register.  This is known as the domain expiry process.  DMARC policy

Many people look out carefully for individual domains, or in the case of domainers, for lists of domains, which are about to expire. This is because when a domain expires, it offers a good way to acquire a premium name that would otherwise have been unavailable, and because many expiry domains have incoming links leading to them, which a new owner would be able to inherit (although of course the new owner does not inherit the previous content of any web sites on the domain).

If you want to obtain an expiring domain name there basically two ways to do it:

* The first option is to wait for the domain to expire, and then register it yourself. However, because the most valuable domains tend to be in great demand, you are unlikely to be the only competitor in a race to obtain the domain, and can easily be beaten to the punch by others. It is however possible to get software that runs on your computer, and tries to register the domain name for you automatically – and such software may improve your chances.

* The second option is to use back ordering service. What these services basically do the same job as you watching and registering yourself, but they often have automated software and greater computer resources which can increase your odds of obtaining a desired expiring domain name. Not even the best back ordering service can of course guarantee that you will win a race that many include many competitors, but the best back ordering services will at least give you the best chance possible.

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