Creating a Zebra Face Mask

It has probably happened once (or even twice) during your childhood – either you were part of a school program and you had to put on a costume or mask of an animal or you went out on a trick or treat in the neighborhood and you had to wear either a funny or a scary costume.

It’s fun wearing masks and costumes and even creating them. If you already have your own kid who needs to get his own mask or costume done for his own gig this time, regardless if you experienced being part of a school program or Halloween party or not, the fun and excitement in preparing and creating the mask or costume is really worth spending the time.

You may have already had some ideas listed down on what to create for a mask or costume for your kid, but you might want to take some factors into consideration before starting on your “creative project.”

If you’re caught in a last-minute situation, you might want to think of creating a mask that’s easy to do. Say, a zebra face mask. It’s considered fairly easy since a zebra has only two colors – black and white. So, in creating a zebra mask, you can simply use a paper plate, a paint brush and some black ink or paint. Since most paper plates are already white, you no longer need to brush the plate with paint. All you just have to do after putting the holes for the eyes is use your paint brush on the black ink and paint the strips away. Oh, don’t forget to draw that little black zebra nose in the middle. n95 mask

Also, if you’re on a budget in buying materials for your mask, the zebra face mask is probably one of the cheapest alternatives you can find. As mentioned, all you need is a paper plate, some black ink, a small paintbrush, and a pair of scissors.

The good thing also with the zebra face mask is that practically anyone can do it. I say anyone, which includes both the artistic and creative and the artistically challenged. For one, doing the zebra stripes does not need you to be artistic to do it.

Lastly, the zebra mask is easily recognizable. The moment you put on a mask with black stripes, people can immediately tell what animal you’re trying to disguise as.

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