Field Planning Technician

As a Field Planning Technician, you are part of a team who loves to build, design and fix things. Big meaningful things. Like helping us in modernizing California’s energy grid. Building the infrastructure for transportation electrification and energy storage. Helping to make decisions on where we are going to put facilities for 50 to 100+ years.  Working on the front lines of response to our customers and communities, you will be behind every light switch, making contributions, big and small, to help Southern California thrive. You also get to meet, interact, and partner with onsite team members and customers to provide meaningful outcomes. You will come in every single day knowing the work you do has a positive impact and that you’re making a huge difference.


Guess what? There’s more. You get 5 weeks of paid full-time formal classroom training in Chino, CA combined with 2-4 weeks of on-the-job training at your future work location. Once you successfully complete training, you will become a full-fledged, bona fide Field Planning Technician!


Do you feel ready to be a part of something bigger than yourself? Join the Clean Energy Revolution at Southern California Edison (SCE) as a Field Planning Technician. field planning software


Be trained to master these day in a life responsibilities of a Field Planning Technician:

  • Driving through our scenic service territory and being out in the field, you will be responsible for documenting field conditions including environmental and traffic conditions, identifying and keeping a record of existing materials, taking photos, pole loading, meter spotting, and reviewing/approving meter panel locations to ensure compliance of electrical designs.
  • Working closely with planners, designers and field personnel to perform routine field visits.
  • Using techie tools like SPIDA, SPIDAMin, FIM, Circuit, cGIS, and SharePoint to do field verification and pole calculations.
  • Coordinating activities with all different kinds of people from customers, drafting technicians and engineers to other utilities, local governments and construction crews.
  • Occasionally lifting things. Typically less than 40lbs.
  • Working in various weather conditions. Possibly even in some remote regions the coast, desert, mountains across California.
  • Maintaining a safety “own it” mindset where you choose to be safe for what and who you value.




You absolutely need to have:

  • Experience, training, or education in any of the following fields: Drafting, Mapping, Architecture, Construction, Engineering, or Electrical.
  • A valid U.S. Driver License.


Really good to have:

  • A Bachelor’s degree.
  • Familiarity with electrical utility industry practices and regulatory standards.
  • Excellent if you have experience with overhead electrical distribution and/or underground electric distribution systems.
  • Fluent with computer software applications, such as SPIDAcalc, SpidaMin, Design Manager, FIM, Circuit, cGIS AutoCAD, SAP, SharePoint, Microsoft Word, Excel, the Internet or other applications.
  • Successful completion of Electrical Utility Planner Certification Program (from California State Polytechnic University, Pomona), AutoCAD, or similar programs.

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