Free Psychic Horoscope – Are They Worth it or a Waste of Time?

Everyone loves free and for those interested in horoscopes – why not look
for free services? Although horoscopes can be found almost anywhere –
especially in the back of magazines – for those who are serious about their
personal horoscope – they will need one geared more specifically for them –
not everyone born under their sign (which is what most horoscopes do).
Magazine/newspaper and most internet horoscopes are too general and who
knows if they are even accurate – if a true psychic predicted such things or
if the magazine editor did. Plus, these types of free horoscopes are
generally always for entertainment purposes only.

So if looking for a free horoscope, your best bet is too first consider what
a true horoscope is. Most will be very surprised at how calculated, precise
and even complicated true horoscopes really are.

A horoscope is a customized astrological document interpreted for each
individual. The astrologer converts the date and time of the clients birth
and then determines the location of the important planets, sun and moon.
This is done with the help of charts and tables.

The astrologer next calculates the time difference between the birth time
and the Greenwich Mean Time (the time when the planets at birth time would
be visible). The orbit of the planet at 360 degrees is then divided by 12
which represent the major activities of the person’s life. These segments akashic astrology shop 
have a relation to the sign of that person.

Now where to find a free and accurate horoscope…?

This is a process that may take a bit of time. There are most likely
websites where a one time free horoscope will be offered. This is the same
with many psychic businesses found in your area. They of course want to get
new business and sometimes offer free services for the first visit. This is
a great option because you can see if the particular psychic works for you
(gives a reading that seems to be yours and no one elses and one that is
specific to you – not too general). Most psychics however will only offer
free horoscopes if they are confident enough in their ability to know that
they will have repeat (paying) clients from the free offer.

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