Funeral Planning 101

The funeral program order of service layout will differ for every type of funeral service theme you have chosen for a dearly departed. There are certain items that are included within a religious service and also varies depending on the certain denomination of the church. pemakaman muslim

Because each religious denomination varies, you will need to discuss the specifics of the funeral order of service with the church where the funeral service will be held.The Catholic Church for example, follows a very specific format for the mass of a funeral order of service and includes a viewing, communion and grave site ritual.

Attendees within the Catholic Church are strongly encouraged to participate in the funeral service by singing and selection of readings.People who are not familiar with certain songs included in the funeral service, need guidance and written words written within the funeral order of service.

In place of an opening scripture reading or message, the eulogy can be presented. A close friend may present the opening reading or you may elect to have the officiant do so. Attendees wishing to share a special moment of the deceased life may do so during a time of sharing.You can also choose to have a video slideshow presentation to share special memories of the deceased through photographs throughout his life.

Photos are displayed in a collage type format within the memorial table and can even be placed on a bulletin board style presentation. Remember to incorporate these items within your funeral planning to produce a tangible type of keepsake.


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