Important Terms That Revolve Around the Lace Wig

I’m sure you have heard about the different terminologies that are related to lace wigs but still confused with some of them. If that is the case, then you have come to the right page. Now you will learn what the various terms that surround the lace wig mean.

It can really be helpful to become knowledgeable with these terms so that you won’t have a hard time finding what you’re looking for when purchasing this type of wig. Below is a short guide that can help you understand these terms better.

Lace Wig – This is the term used for a wig that contains lace. To wear it, it is usually placed above the scalp of the user. You can find several types of these wigs on the market. There are also many benefits that these wigs offer. Most users of these products are celebrities and fashionable people. Today, almost everyone is wearing these stunning wigs. colored wigs

Lace Front Wig – The number one feature that will help you recognize a lace front wig is the lace that you will find at near the hair line. You can also find lace at the nape of the neck with this kind of wig. However, the lace of this wig is commonly found in its front part. This product has a similar price with a synthetic wig, however poorly made wigs do cost less.

Lace Frontal – Several people mistake this for a lace front wig. It is just a part of the wig which starts at the hairline and ends a few inches behind the head’s crown. Lace frontals have many uses. Not only do they provide hair extension hair lines but they also serve as good cover ups for people who suffer from hair loss.

Bleached Knots – They are actually bleached hair knots which give the illusion that hair grows out of the user’s scalp. But if the hair is light-colored, bleaching the knots is unnecessary. However, if the hair color is dark, that is the time where the knots get bleached.

Many common terminologies that are linked to the lace wig are as follows; French lace, Swiss lace, monofilament cap, thin skin, Virgin Indian Remy, density, nape and custom lace. Always remember to familiarize yourself with these terms before buying a wig. This way, it would become easier for you to find the ideal lace wig for you.

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