Kids Are People Too! Creating a Kids Dream Room

When you are ready to tackle your children’s rooms, I urge you to refrain from seeing them as ‘just the kids’ for a moment.

Try to mentally step into the person they are becoming to help you create a space becoming to, and fit for, a future king or queen!

Children’s rooms provide a more restful atmosphere if they are muted shades of your child’s favorite colors. If you do not have a separate area for them to play in, avoid bright yellows, reds and oranges if you expect them to actually sleep in there.

Children quickly pick up the subliminal message of energy and those colors promote energy. This makes bedtime a tough sell in high energy atmospheres!

Space providing, aim for a separate bed for each child, a twin is fine or a bunk if necessary. The idea is to provide their own bed for them to claim. It is the beginning of independence.

Your child’s room should have a work space for school projects and creative pursuits. Every child needs a room that feels secure, inspires creativity and promotes rest. What a challenge!

Additional storage is a little easier to add in a child’s room. You can add small dressers or shelving units to the closet floor enabling them to reach the spaces where they are required to store toys and other personal possessions.

If you fail to address this you will soon discover that their idea of cleaning up their space is to throw everything under the bed where they can no longer see it. Things are relatively simple in a child’s world.

Insist on order in your child’s room. This promotes learning responsibility which is essential to your child growing into an emotionally healthy adult.

Take them with you to shop for lamps and wall accessories. You will probably have to temper their urges but both of you can arrive at a point of agreement and your child will have participated in his or her own success in arranging their personal space.

These things matter to children who rarely have the final say in decisions at home.

Avoid window treatments that present a ‘cafĂ©’ effect. Your child will feel far more secure with thick drapes that close out the darkness and offer a hug at bedtime.

Open the drapes wide in the morning and ‘Let the sunshine in!” This is another trick at teaching your child to feel secure in their surroundings. billiga tavlor 

A small nightlight chases away the scary images a child conjures up in the darkness when they are alone. Let them help you choose one that feels right to them.

Insist on your child maintaining order in dressers and chests and storage spaces in their room. This makes it an easy proposition to let them lay out their favorite choices for school without calling in a search party!

Find a bulletin board that you both agree on for the children’s space. This provides a special place to display their work and show it off.

Look for a way to hang mirrors down to your child’s level so they are able to see how they look in the choices they have made while dressing for school and other events.

Children routinely fall and get hurt attempting to reach mirrors placed at adult heights. Hanging one on or behind a door is a good way to avoid those falls.

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