Kids Musical Instruments – Music For Babies, Toddlers and Kids

Why get your kids to play a musical instrument? The real question is why wouldn’t you! Kids who learn a musical instrument often do better at school, particularly in the mathematical area. Kids musical instruments can help develop the discipline that comes with regular practice and the self-esteem that comes with achieving through perseverance. The skills developed with kids musical instruments often affect every part of a growing child’s life as they learn the importance of balancing work and play to achieve success in whatever endeavours they ultimately choose.

Especially for younger kids, dramatic, hands-on toys such as kids musical instruments are a brilliant way to help your kids express or release emotion. The beauty of music is that kids musical instruments can so easily be an outlet or avenue to express how you are feeling. In the case of my four year old for instance, he now regularly takes out his emotions on his drum kit. I can now actually judge how he is feeling by what he is playing! (It has also led to a much happier cat, who often used to be the hapless recipient of my son’s frustration, poor moggy!) Kids musical instruments are also extremely accessible for parents, you can be singing along with your children as you do things around the house or drive to the shops, or as your child grows and starts serious musical training you can, as I do, learn an instrument with them! I am finally learning the piano at the age of forty thanks to the endless encouragement of my gorgeous 8 year old! His patience as he teaches me over a week what he easily picks up in a couple of days is wonderful to see in someone so young. The time we spend together each day pumping out tunes (as he calls it, “Hey dad, want to pump out some tunes!”) is a very special part of my day and is a bond between me and my boy that I expect to last a lifetime. Instrumental music

You don’t have to stop at just playing and singing with your kids either, why not get into homemade musical instruments? Imagine the joy and satisfaction that can come from playing music on instruments you and your kids made together! This incorporates an even and more rewarding level of fun, skill and learning into the musical experience.

So kids musical instruments can improve your child’s education prospects, develop discipline, teach responsibility, create a safe outlet for emotion and give you a fun, stimulating avenue to help you develop and maintain a bond with your kids. What’s not to like?

Stephen Macklin is a school teacher, actor, and most importantly a parent! He enjoys surfing, karate, making short films and learning the piano with his son.


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