Proper Use of a Shaving Brush

Ever since the shaving of facial hair came into fashion in Europe in the 1800s, men have all over the globe have been going through the ritual each and every morning. At first it was exclusively done using a razor, shaving brush and soap that was held in a cup. However; as soon as the electric motor was invented and miniaturized, electric razors began being used to perform this task for men.

The Shaving Brush and Soap Triumphantly Returns

Canned shaving foam soon also took the place of the soap in a cup and disposable plastic razors replaced the straight razor as well. Recently though, a few developments were made tha t had people taking a new look at the shaving brush and soap that their forefathers had abandoned so many years earlier. One of these new developments was the the introduction to the market place of newer and more effective skin care products for men to.

New Shaving Soaps Soften and Treat Skin

Add to this, a new trend in men taking a more proactive approach to their personal appearance and what you have is more and more men across the planet waking up now to a shaving brush and soap. Of course, standard soap and detergents can in fact be harmful to your hair blow dryer brush  skin particularly if they are used in excess on the delicate thin skin of the face. However; newly formulated therapeutic shaving soaps are a different story all together.

An Excellent Gift Idea

A mens shaving brush and soap kit makes an excellent gift and they come in all grades. For instance; a badger hair shaving brush is the best brush you can buy and they come in prices ranging from $20 all the way up to several hundred dollars. Also, the soap that is used in a cup to generate the foam to shave with comes in a wide assortment of price ranges as well.


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