Why We Should Be Using Heirloom Seeds?

There is a lot of recent discussions about using heirloom garden seeds, also referred to as non hybrid, non GMO or open pollinated seeds. One of the most important advantages are that you can harvest seeds each year and be assured the seeds will continually produce plants that are true to the original variety characteristics. Recent studies are showing that many of the vegetables, grains and other produce we buy, even some organics, are nutrient deficient. Non-hybrid seeds assure that the original strain is grown and the nutritional content is usually higher.

Heirloom seeds allow you to set up a sustainable garden that will save you money over time. Growing your own food is becoming an economic necessity for so many families these days. Those in urban area’s and bigger cities are growing gardens on their balconies, rooftops and in their backyards. Growing your own garden is a rewarding experience. If you want to keep your family healthy and be in control of their nutritional needs, you need to have a home garden. If you want the higher nutrition and better taste of original varieties, than you have to use heirloom seeds. Among the vegetable seeds most easily saved are non-hybrid tomato, pepper, bean, cucumbers, and summer squash. online Seeds in Brisbane

Hybrid seeds are created to enhance appearance, have bigger yields and be more resilient to insects and disease. Today most seed companies only sell the F1 hybrids which is a cross breeding of two different plants. If you save the seeds from F1 hybrids for planting next season, they generally won’t produce the same plant as the last season. Hybrid lines are genetically narrower and have less adaptation over time than many of the non-hybrids. These hybrids seeds are usually more expensive than the non-hybrid variety. There is a much greater variety in heirloom seeds and they will adapt more quickly to their environment becoming stronger each year. Seed saving from heirloom plants is free and thus incurs no seasonal buying costs.

Why is this so important in regards to your other emergency preparedness plans? Over ten percent of the average American’s budget is spent on food each year. With a loss or reduction in your income, supplying basic needs would be challenging. If you have a source of food growing, heirloom seeds allow you to reduce that threat because your garden can keep replenishing itself. Economic crises may also occur on a national or even worldwide level. In recent years, the price of grains and other staples has increased greatly, and there has been a depletion in vegetable, grain and citrus crops with alternating natural events like drought and flooding conditions. Having a self-sustaining garden provides peace of mind and economic security.

The future of the world’s food supply is in non-hybrid, heirloom seeds. With the advancement of genetically modified plant varieties, it is possible for vegetables, legumes and grains to cross-pollinate with many non-hybrid varieties. If this happens, then our the food supply could be altered uncontrollably and irreversibly.

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